Frequently Asked Questions

Joining and Renewing Membership Questions

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Go to the Sign In page and click on Forgot Your Password? Or click on this link to reset it right now.

Enter in either the username or email associated with your account and an email will be sent to you containing a link to reset your password.

If a few minutes have passed and you have not received an email check your Junk or Spam filters. If you still do not see the email, contact with your membership details.

Once you have signed up for a joint membership, log in to your account and click on Account at the top right of the page (or click this link to go directly to the accounts page). Under the Membership tab, you will see the option to Manage Group.

On the next screen, write the email address of the second member in the Email(s) to invite box and then press Invite Members and enter in a Group Name (like a family name).

If your joint membership is set to expire at the end of the membership year, you must log in to the “Primary” user account to renew your joint membership. Once you are logged in you should see the option to renew under the main site navigation or if you click on the Account page.

If you were a member using our previous website, but your membership had expired before 2022, you will need to either Join again or Renew your membership – depending on when your membership expired.

If you believe you had an existing membership prior to 2022, please try resetting you password here. Use the email address you believe was on the account. After resetting your password, sign in to the site and go to your account (link at top of the website) to renew your membership.

If your email is not found, you will need to join again and reenter your membership details. Go to our “Join” page to fill our your details.